Developing our responsible business approach

In order to develop our responsible business approach, we consult our stakeholders to determine the issues that are the most relevant to them and to our business and to identify the areas where our actions can deliver positive benefits.

George Turner, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Company Secretary: We regularly review our priorities and material issues through our responsible business practices, our policies and our corporate governance processes.”

Using a materiality matrix, we can identify the issues with the highest relevance to our stakeholders and our business, including the effect we have on society, the environment, the economy and the wider stakeholder groups we work with. In determining the relevance to IHG, we consider the steps we are taking to embed a culture of responsible business and protect the reputation of IHG and its brands and the actions we can take to create positive benefits for communities around the world.

In developing our approach to responsible business, we consider all aspects of the hotel life cycle including our direct operations, our relationships with our owners and our supply chain.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Relevance to IHG Importance to stakeholders Low Medium High responsible graph small

Filter by category below:

Our culture of responsible business
  • 1Responsible procurement
  • 2Responsible attitude and ethics
  • 3Human rights
  • 4Guest safety and security
  • 5Cyber security and information governance
Our people

  • 6Equality and diversity
  • 7Labour rights
  • 8Employee well-being
  • 9Employee volunteering
Environmental sustainability

  • 10Sustainable food and beverage
  • 11Waste
  • 12Biodiversity
  • 13Water
  • 14Energy and carbon
Sustainable communities

  • 15Community investment
  • 16Disaster preparedness and relief

Prioritising the issues 

We use a materiality matrix to align our responsible business priorities with IHG’s strategic approach and our principle risks. In addition, in the context of our operating model, we consider the areas where we can make the greatest positive contribution to the communities where we operate and thereby help to make progress against the UN SDGs.

Future plans 

We have already made significant progress against our responsible business targets. Our current five-year targets will come to an end in December 2017. The IHG Board, the Corporate Responsibility Committee and our stakeholders have challenged us to find even more meaningful ways to make a positive impact in the future. Consulting with these stakeholders, and working with our hotel owners and the IHG Leadership Team, we will develop new and stretching targets for the organisation from 2018.