Our culture of responsible business

In a climate where employees, guests and other stakeholders are seeking confirmation that companies share their values, the things we do to instil a culture of responsible business across the Group contribute to the credibility and value of the IHG brand and our hotel brands. 

VIP area

These include:

  • Strong governance and leadership which promote responsible business attitudes and behaviours throughout IHG.
  • Ensuring our employees understand key legal and reputational issues and winning ways.
  • Ensuring the safety and security of employees, guests and other visitors to our hotels and offices.
  • Operating effective risk management and internal controls.
  • Engaging in responsible procurement.

IHG’s Responsible Business approach across the hotel life cycle

In developing our approach to responsible business, we consider all aspects of the hotel life cycle to understand our impact in terms of our direct operations, our relationships with our owners and our supply chain.

Our culture of responsible business underpins our entire strategy and impacts the way we approach all aspects of the hotel life cycle. Our corporate responsibility programmes were developed to address the aspects where we believe we can make the biggest difference at scale. We work to reduce the environmental impacts of hotel operations. Leveraging the economic and social contribution of hotels, we are creating jobs, stimulating local economies, providing opportunities for skills building, and offering support when disasters strike. 

Hotel life cycle


1. Design & Development

IHG branded hotels are designed and developed in innovative and responsible ways to be at the heart of their communities.

2. Procurement

Hotels work to source goods and services in a responsible and sustainable way.

3. Operations

Hotels are operated in innovative ways to manage our environmental impacts and enhance our positive impact on the local economy and local people whilst ensuring the safety and security of employees and guests.

4. Marketing

We enhance the reputation of IHG and its brands by delivering responsible hotels our guests want.

5. Sales & Distribution

We manage key relationships in the business-to-business, transient, leisure, and speciality markets to attract guests to our hotels who value responsible business practices.

6. Renewal

Hotels renew, recycle and reuse materials.